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vdiaries_caps's Journal

Screencaps for the CW show The Vampire Diaries
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Rules & Guidelines

01) The general "don't be a dick". Comment if you take (read the post and see where the poster wants them) and give thanks!

02) No teasers outside a cut larger than 450px x 350px.

03) Warn if you have a lot of samples behind a cut in case people have sluggish internet speeds.

04) Cut spoilery image for a week after a new ep has aired to give people who can't watch when it airs a chance to see it.

05) Please make note if you're linking to your caps in a locked post. If you don't your posting access could be taken away. Also, please tag your posts.

06) Posts will be deleted without warning if you break any of the rules, although I don't anticipate any problems.

07) Post! Post! Post! Post any caps related to The Vampire Diaries and the cast! Movies, tv, promo spots, photoshoot clips, etc!

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